First patient enrollment in MASCOT registry represents major milestone for COMBO™ Dual Therapy Stent and OrbusNeich’s clinical program.


COMBO Dual Therapy Stent: A Long term Solution to Vessel Restoration. Latest results further support excellent healing benefits of World’s first and only Dual Therapy Stent.


Prostate stent

NTJ Ni-Ti Alloy Prostate Stent and Introducer

The NTJ Ni-Ti (Nitinol*) Alloy Prostate Stent fulfills the standards of the state of the art treatment of subvesical obstructions.

Indications for the prostate stent :

  • Benign hyperplasia of the prostate
  • Obstructive Carcinoma of the prostate

Advantages :

  • Better and easier handling
  • The placement is performed under cytoscopic control
  • Generally the stent implantation can be performed under local anesthesia
  • Endoscopic inspection is possible at all times
  • After approximately 3 months, the stent is covered by urothelium
  • Removal of the stent up to 2 weeks after deployment

*Nitinol is the descriptive name for a family of paramagnetic nickel-titanium alloys, which are characterised by their properties of super flexibility, shape memory and excellent biocompatibility. Nitinol alloys possess a “memory” for their programmed dimensions and shape, and will attempt to reform to that original form, even after mechanical influence. This is known as “shape memory effect”.