First patient enrollment in MASCOT registry represents major milestone for COMBO™ Dual Therapy Stent and OrbusNeich’s clinical program.


COMBO Dual Therapy Stent: A Long term Solution to Vessel Restoration. Latest results further support excellent healing benefits of World’s first and only Dual Therapy Stent.


Sapphire II NC

True Controlled Compliance and Ultimate Crossability for a Wide Spectrum of Vessels

Ultimate Crossability and Tip Entry Profile

Sapphire ll NC Coronary Dilatation Catheter is a well-balanced and truly non-compliant balloon catheter engineered to cross tight and calcified lesions.

Crossing Profile Comparison

Enhanced distal Z-Tip with advanced laser welding technology for "ZERO" transition with conventional steerable guidewires.

True Controlled Compliance

True non-compliance and minimal overstretching for optimum reliability and size accuracy. Sapphire II NC combines advanced precision and material engineering technologies for optimum reliability and deliverability. 

Compliance Comparison from Nominal Pressure to RBP

Broad Range of Sizes

Unique size offering for treatment of a wide spectrum of vessels characteristics.
The new 1.75 mm balloon size is specifically designed for crossing tight and
calcified lesions.

Technical Drawing (Click on the picture to enlarge)