First patient enrollment in MASCOT registry represents major milestone for COMBO™ Dual Therapy Stent and OrbusNeich’s clinical program.


COMBO Dual Therapy Stent: A Long term Solution to Vessel Restoration. Latest results further support excellent healing benefits of World’s first and only Dual Therapy Stent.


Sapphire II

CROSS and RE-CROSS simply with ease

Sapphire II Coronary Dilatation Catheter is a well-balanced balloon catheter that crosses lesions without boundaries.

The product is intelligently engineered to fit every need from treating tight lesions to negotiating through tortuous anatomies. The product portfolio includes a new 1.0 mm configuration; this balloon is ideal for penetrating severely narrowed lesions.

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XD Shaft for enhanced pushability

Smart engineering combined with innovation delivers the ultimate balanced catheter to cross the most difficult lesions.
XD Shaft is specifically engineered to enhance overall pushability and trackability.

Hydro-X Coating for unparalleled crossability

Sapphire II is coated with the latest Hydro-X Coating technology to deliver ultimate speed and reliability.
The inner lumen is coated with our proprietary blended Invio coating for unsurpassable guidewire tracking.

Z-Tip technology for managing challenging lesions

Not all balloon tips are created equal. Our latest advancement in laser welding technology delivers the best Z-Tip profile, resulting in “ZERO” transition between the tip and the steerable guidewire which is crucial for achieving a smooth yet safe penetration for any complex lesion. Different balloon sizes are matched with different Z-Tip lengths resulting in a balanced catheter for crossing very tight lesions on all occasions.

Z-Tip technology coupled with our proprietary blended soft balloon produces a balanced catheter with a slender crossing profile.

Technical Drawing (Click on the picture to enlarge)