First patient enrollment in MASCOT registry represents major milestone for COMBO™ Dual Therapy Stent and OrbusNeich’s clinical program.


COMBO Dual Therapy Stent: A Long term Solution to Vessel Restoration. Latest results further support excellent healing benefits of World’s first and only Dual Therapy Stent.


The PERSEUS-q PTA Balloon Catheter is a high performance balloon catheter for peripheral indication. The device features an ultra-low profile, semicompliant balloon combined with a low profile tip.

The Perseus-q PTA Balloon Catheter has a jet coated shaft; tip and guide wire lumen with a balloon mounted on its distal tip, thus reducing friction and facilitates access & crossing of target lesions. The lumen labeled with the balloon size is for the balloon inflation while the through lumen allows the catheter to track over a guide wire. The catheter shaft is small beneath the balloon to achieve low profile; the distal tip is further tapered to accept the appropriate guide wire. The radiopaque marker(s) are placed beneath the “working area” of the balloon.

Key features and benefits:

  • Lowest entry profile in the industry with the addition of a beveled tip to allow for access to the most difficult lesions.
  • Maximum flexibility for easy navigation to reach the most distal lesions.
  • Increased pushability for a significant amount of applied force transition from the hub to the tip.
  • Fast inflation and deflation times to maximize efficiency during treatment and reducing the procedure time compared to other industry participants.
  • Reduced radiation exposure for clinician, team, and patient due to decreased time for balloon operation.
  • High rated burst pressure to optimize working range and to increase the safety level for the patients.
Available in three sizes: 0.014”, 0.018”, 0.035”