First patient enrollment in MASCOT registry represents major milestone for COMBO™ Dual Therapy Stent and OrbusNeich’s clinical program.


COMBO Dual Therapy Stent: A Long term Solution to Vessel Restoration. Latest results further support excellent healing benefits of World’s first and only Dual Therapy Stent.



to accelerate hemostasis


Each HELISORB powder pack consists of two squeezable dispensing container units, each containing 1gm of TYPE 1 Absorbable Haemostatic Collagen Sponge Powder (Fish Origin) along with a suitably placed medical grade silicon delivery tube. The entire content of the pack is sterilized by Gamma Irradiation. 


As haemostatic material, it can be used in various surgical procedures to arrest the bleeding and is completeley absorbed (in 3-21 days) if left in-situ. HELISORB powder can be used in all cases where effective control of bleeding is required, both with the help of conventional haemostatic procedures or independently, depending upon the choice of the treating surgeon. HELISORB powder controls bleeding without damaging the tissues, adheres perfectly to all bleeding surfaces and reduces operating time. It is recommended for parenchymatic bleeding and oozing of all types. 


  • Highest purity TYPE 1 Collagen of Fish Origin.
  • High absorbing characteristics - absorbs more than 30 times of its weight of water.
  • Derived from fish sources - no threat of BSE/TSE.
  • Biocompatible os per EN ISO 10993 standards.
  • Non-toxic, non allergenic, non-immunogenic & non-pyrogenic.